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The Department of Homeland Security’s Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report gathers news from newspapers, wire, the Web, etc., and aggregates it into a single report, available on the Web or by e-mail and feed. Find story leads about safety/security related to energy, chemical facilities, nuclear facilities, dams, refineries, pipelines, agriculture and food, water, public health, and.

Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report 19 November 2012 . Top Stories The Coast Guard was investigating a fire on an oil rig around 20 miles south of Grand Isle, Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico November 16. Eleven people were medevaced to local hospitals and two people were reported missing by the Coast Guard. – Business Insider (See item . 1)

Department of homeland security daily open Source Infrastructure Report for 27 February 2008 Current Nationwide Threat Level is For info click here

Department of Homeland Security Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report for 23 August 2006 Current Nationwide Threat Level is. DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report Fast Jump

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The DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report is a non-commercial publication intended to educate and inform personnel engaged in infrastructure protection. The DHS/IAIP Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report is archived for two weeks.

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According to the New York Times, the unintended spam run began when a recipient of the "DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report" hit the Reply All button to transmit an e-mail address change.

The DHS/IAIP Daily Open Source infrastructure report (daily report) appears Monday through Friday and is a summary and assessment of open-source published information concerning significant critical infrastructure issues.Each Daily Report is divided by the critical infrastructure sectors and key assets defined in the National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and.