Decide when and where you’ll journal regularly. Choose any time or place that. despair, fear, anxiety, or confusion. How did you experience His power, and how might it help you with whatever is.

Whether our faith will ever be practical in translating mere knowledge of God and His purpose into everyday use hinges on three major factors:. 1. That we absolutely recognize the true God of the Bible as sovereign over His creation. 2. That we believe and accept that Jesus Christ is the payment for our sins.

Fear of change works hard to convince you that change is bad for you. I often hear about its attempts to convince people that they cannot cope with change. This page exposes fear of change and gives you insight into how it works in your life, and in the lives of people at work.

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Fear’s Evil Scheme. Fear is a tool the devil uses against us to make us miserable and destroy our lives. It begins as a thought and then creates emotions that can rule us. It often becomes a strong, intense feeling that tries to move us to make a foolish action or tries to prevent us from doing something that would be good for us.

You can choose faith or fear. Don't give into fear. Just don't do it. If we are people of Faith, then it is now time to exercise that faith. Are you going to stand strong.

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10 Latin Phrases That Will Give You Life. By Ann Eshaw, May 29th 2015. Comment; Flag Flagged;. Don’t waste time stressing over things you can’t control. Don’t waste time overanalyzing every single thing that happened during your day and has already passed. Let go and live in the Now.. Make sure you stay true to yourself and choose.

You can choose faith or fear. Don't give into fear. Just don't do it. If we are people of Faith, then it is now time to exercise that faith. Are you going to stand strong.

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