You’ll typically need a salary of at least $54,480 to afford the average home in North Dakota. collected average home prices for every state from Zillow, and then plugged the numbers into a typical mortgage calculator. The states needing the highest salaries to afford the average home start with Hawaii at $153,520, followed by Washington D.C., California, Massachusetts, and Colorado.

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Our latest map breaks down how much money you need to earn in. How Much Income You Need to Afford the Average Home in Every State.

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Here’s a current look at how much salary you would need to earn in order to afford the principal, interest, taxes and insurance payments on a median-priced home in your metro area. If homebuyers in the atlanta metro put 10 percent down instead of 20 percent, the required salary increases from $50,628.68 to $58,706.00.

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The Low Income Housing Coalition released their 2018 report on the hourly salary you need to earn to afford a 2-bedroom rental in each state.. for a modest rental home, not what all current renters are paying on average.”.

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Just how much money do you need to buy a house? In a November 2016 report, calculates the annual before-tax income required to afford. required salary, the site uses median home prices from.

Out of the top five places where you’d require the lowest salary to afford your state’s average home, three Southern states made the list: West Virginia came in first place as the lowest salary in the country, with a minimum salary requirement of $38,320 for a house worth $149,500; Arkansas came in fourth with a minimum salary requirement of $41,040 for a house worth 1,000; Missouri came in.

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It’s the nagging fear for any parent helping a grown-up child to get on the housing ladder, buy a car or pay for a wedding:.